Thursday, March 18, 2010


This club is mainly formed to create a good society with no faults...In this club we have young people from different fields who are whole heartedly willing to serve the society. The motto of this club is "YOUTH TRANSFORMATION"..we are mainly focussing on present youth and upcoming generation..This is because if each and every citizen of our country is responsible,then definitely a good society will exist....we want the youth community to be aware of the society and their individual responsibilities...As INDIA is now one of the youngest countries in the world with more than half of the population 24yrs and below,its the youth power which is going to rule the country..It is the future that beckons to us we the youth should put our hands together to make a peaceful is only the youth power which can take our country to great whoever wants to serve the society and to make our nation great can join with us..

ilainganin retham indhiyavin satham!!!
• Vivekanandar Youth Club was formed on 20th of December,2009.The first meeting was held at karpagavalli vidyalaya school,mylapore.
• On 27th december 2009,we had an informal meeting with our members..
• On 30th of December 2009,we visited Aravind Foundations,k.k nagar which is meant for special children and interacted with them.
• On 1st of January 2010, we visited AnbuKarangal orphanage at tiruvanmayur and helped them to a little extent as we can.
• On 12th of January that is on national Youth day, formal inauguration for our club is done by the vice chancellor of madras university.
• On 24th of January vivekanandar youth club and St John Ambulance jointly organized free first aid training for the youth at Anjugam school, west mambalam.
• On feb 7th we had a meeting among our members to plan our future activities.
• On feb 28th, Personality developement programme was arranged for the 7th and 8th students of Karpaga valli vidyalaya school,mylapore. Tree samplings were planted by the students in the school.
• The same was continued On 7th of march with different discussion topics.
Kindness is simply the rent we must pay
for occupying the space in this planet.
so let us be kinder to one other..
Love all….Serve all…